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Friday, 28 November 2008

Wanted: C.I

I remember my mum telling me that I was asked if I wanted a cochlear implant when I was around 4 or 5...But some reason, I said no! Which I regret now....

So... When I was 15, something popped in my mind... It's a C.I!!!! Because of the great improvement my best friend had, she had her implant since she was 11, she's now 20 like me. I wanted to have one so I could communicate or improve my lifestyle. Anyway, that night I spoke to my mum about it, she was delighted and was happy to help me to get one.

I spoke to teachers at my school & doctors about it and they were really supportive. My mum was too! Anyway, I had loads of meetings with my regular doctors at hospital about cochlear implant. I also had loads of tests, MRI scans and hearing tests. The hearing tests shown I had about 10 or 20% of hearing in my right ear and no hearing in my left hear! So the doctors said that it is most likely that I could have a C.I on my left ear.

When the important day comes, I had a meeting with doctors and an audiologist. I was nervous and worrying that I couldn't have one! But, they said I won't be able to have one because of my late age, at 15. I was gutted! Went home, really disappointed. I'd cry for weeks!

Other than that, I thought, no! I want it and I am gonna fight for it. So my mum agreed to help me to fight for it.And.....guess what?.... I won! I remember going back there and waiting in the waiting room for the meeting. Everytime someone comes in the waiting room calling out for patient, I was getting ready to go in. I was bored, nervous, excited, frightened... whatever the word is... I was just sat there nervously wanting to get it over with and wanting the answer! I was told that I could have it on my left ear and I was delighted! So I met my surgeon before heading home! He was happy to do it on me! He was so supportive!

A couple of weeks, I recieved a letter from the hospital saying that I will be having operation in January 04!

What happened to me???

As I explained earlier, on the welcome part, that I was attacked by Cytomagalovirus Infection that was passed onto my mum from someone stupidly enough to cough or sneeze close to my mum. I thought if someone was wise enough to remember to cover their face when sneezing or coughing none of this would have happened, I wouldnt be deaf or really ill.

Anyway, if you dont know what Cytomagalovirus Infection is, you could always look it up on any websites. But, I could explain what happened when I first had it.When I recieved that infection, no one knew, including my mum that she had it and in every scans my mum had during her pregnancy it shows I was perfect little mite. Until my mum's contraction, and birth, the doctors and nurses & midwives were worried because my heart beat rates had dropped really fast and I was also distressed. My mum was in pain too....They tried everything to get me out fast like giving my mum a special injection to start her contraction and had to break her water n everything, I finally came out, wieghing just 5lbs and 1oz. I was connected to a special montior, i had a screw in my head with wires that was connected to heart monitor to have a close monitor at my heart beat rates because I had a murmor heart beats.

No-one discovered anything, days later mum was discharged from hospital with me, as soon we arrived home I started to scream, crying and keep getting high temperatures. The health visits people kept saying it must be colic that most babies get. They told my mum what to do with colics and she did what they said, no improvements whatsoever! When I was 10 months, things gotten worst, mum eventually got fed up and took me to doctors, they referred me to hospital to have multiple tests.... guess what they finally found what was bothering me, it was Cytomagalovirus Infections. The doctors were worried that it might affect my hearing, sights and other things. Which it did... I'd lost my hearing in both ears completely already. It hit my parents really bad when they realise they have a deaf child and they panicked about how to communicate with me and that.

Anyway... That infection would affect anyone who was born with it, by hearing loss, brain damage, sight imparement and that. If you look it up on google or whatever it will say everything on it.

I eventually started to have problems with my sights and behaviour problems....The cytomagalovirus infection left me with emoctional problems. What really happened in my head and body?

Well, the chemical in my body like adreliene changes fast out of the blue, one minutes I am happy and the next I'm angry. Those chemicals in my brain would change and then information is sent to my body, that caused me to flip out like a mental person, which I hate so much! I'd lose friends because of that. No one seems understand what was happening to me. The adreliene level will go over its limited level and thats when I struggle with controlling it. I'd cry and scream and harm myself without realising it. Right now, I'm on tablet for life for it so I can control the chemical in my brain.

Days turns into weeks into months into years...

When I turned 8, my mum noticed a problem with me, I'd always trip over and keep having a late respond to people whenever they tries to get my attention. She took me back to doctors to findout what was wrong with me. I had to have a lot of tests including CT scans, etc...

It shows nothing wrong with me but things got worst, I couldnt even read and loosing balances etc etc. Mum was getting really worried so she took me back to the doctors and the doctors recommended to take me to eyecare place & had tests there. I needed glasses! I had astigmatism....nothing wrong with that but, what it means is that my eyeballs are like rugby ball, my mum has it! Anyway, they discovered that I had both short and long distance sights, meaning I can't read a book close and far away! My sights are getting worst anyway so I am getting regular visits to opticians for tests & new percriptions.


Hello, I am new to this, im just trying this out to see how it goes. This is not how I wanted it to be but im trying my best....

Okay... I'll start off by introducing myself to you guys!I'm Kara, I'm know as 'Peter peanut head! That's because I was born with Cytomagalovirus Infection and was weight 5lbs and 1 oz with a teeny weeny peanut-shaped head! I didnt find it funny as it is annoying me... Well my parents thought it was funny!!!!

Anyway, that infection was passed by someone onto my mum and it attacked me while I was still inside my mums stomach, that left me with hearing loss, say 20 - 30% of hearing loss, not so bad... but by the time I was 10 months old my hearing went completely! I have a CI on my left ear, have had it for 5 years now... well WILL be 5 years this December! I guess I should have a birthday party for it, LOL! :-)

I am 20 years old as it says it all on my profile! I'm a student... well, was... Studied multiple courses at different colleges. At the moment im unemployed and looking for a job after christmas!

I think I've said enough about myself! LOL