Friday, 28 November 2008

Wanted: C.I

I remember my mum telling me that I was asked if I wanted a cochlear implant when I was around 4 or 5...But some reason, I said no! Which I regret now....

So... When I was 15, something popped in my mind... It's a C.I!!!! Because of the great improvement my best friend had, she had her implant since she was 11, she's now 20 like me. I wanted to have one so I could communicate or improve my lifestyle. Anyway, that night I spoke to my mum about it, she was delighted and was happy to help me to get one.

I spoke to teachers at my school & doctors about it and they were really supportive. My mum was too! Anyway, I had loads of meetings with my regular doctors at hospital about cochlear implant. I also had loads of tests, MRI scans and hearing tests. The hearing tests shown I had about 10 or 20% of hearing in my right ear and no hearing in my left hear! So the doctors said that it is most likely that I could have a C.I on my left ear.

When the important day comes, I had a meeting with doctors and an audiologist. I was nervous and worrying that I couldn't have one! But, they said I won't be able to have one because of my late age, at 15. I was gutted! Went home, really disappointed. I'd cry for weeks!

Other than that, I thought, no! I want it and I am gonna fight for it. So my mum agreed to help me to fight for it.And.....guess what?.... I won! I remember going back there and waiting in the waiting room for the meeting. Everytime someone comes in the waiting room calling out for patient, I was getting ready to go in. I was bored, nervous, excited, frightened... whatever the word is... I was just sat there nervously wanting to get it over with and wanting the answer! I was told that I could have it on my left ear and I was delighted! So I met my surgeon before heading home! He was happy to do it on me! He was so supportive!

A couple of weeks, I recieved a letter from the hospital saying that I will be having operation in January 04!

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